Sunday, April 26, 2015

There is something very spring about this Chloe

If you love spring, and I just know
it is coming, you may like
this Chloe begowned in her lilacs...
She looks like a hydgrangea plant...
don't you think...?
I wanted to do her hair in blonds..
but really red suited her in this dress better.

And besides Casey from Brockville
requested red and lilac combination.

I sent her this pic last night
and she was just beside herself
with the choice of colours...

So another Chloe is on her way...
I have the right tissue paper
to make her travel light
and she too will be smelling
of a light scent of baby's own..
And yes Casey, a bar is coming to you too...

She really was a delight to create.
I am thinking I really like LILAC
over PINK...mmmmmm

Keeping you in stitches

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